Rajesh Khanna


Intellectual Curiosity
Is industry experience enough to predict career success and future work performance? A daunting question for recruiters when faced with selecting between two candidates – one with substantial experience in the industry but with no new ideas to offer, and the other, with relatively less experience but a significant drive to learn. Whom to go...
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Vbeyond Blog
Living for the weekend, watching the clock tick, work is just a paycheck are some popular mantras the global workforce is living by, as per Gartner’s State of the Global Workforce Report 2022.  With just 21% of employees finding work engaging and about 33% claiming to thrive as far as their overall well-being is concerned,...
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Gender Equality
The work environment is changing. Diversity and gender equality in the workplace are in the spotlight like never before. As the emphasis on fair policies for all grows, gender equality in leaves is fast gaining traction as a topic of discussion. Organizations assume that having a strong maternity leave policy is enough to build gender...
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Multi generational Workforce
“Congratulations on completing xx years with us. We deeply value your contribution and wish you many more years of success at our organization.” A congratulatory email from the management on each work anniversary. A communication most cherished… Until you get a feeler of an invisible P.S. (Applicable until you hit the 40s) in the coming...
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“The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income” – George Foreman Nothing captures the sentiment of the retiree population in the US today better than this. As America greys, its aging population is only becoming more steadfast in pursuing their aspirations. They are not willing to settle down for...
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Fast Paced Recruitment
Every recruiter wants to be able to bring on board the smartest and the brightest hires, and do so quickly else they could lose out on great talent. A lengthy and prolonged recruiting process can be expensive, inefficient and, frustrating. If the structure and resourcing aren’t in place to effectively screen and source candidates for key...
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