Sandeep Mitra


Chief AI Officer
The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) marks the dawn of a new era. It has sent leadership into a frenzy as they try to understand the role AI will play in organizations. The AI boom According to Accenture, over the next 10 years, AI will dominate over close to 40% of our daily work life....
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How Leaders and Managers
The business culture is transforming in line with the increasing complexity of operations. With the change in workforce composition and the emergence of the younger generations, workplace dynamics are changing. The rapidly evolving business environment requires quick response and incisive strategizing, including tactical shifts as and when needed. At the organization or board level, teams...
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“In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the one sure source of lasting competitive advantage is knowledge.” – Ikujiro Nonaka, a famed organizational theorist, best known for his study of knowledge management The economy has a significant bearing on the hiring and recruitment strategy and employee engagement.The labor market currently is amid one...
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Oh, you picked up the skills so fast, despite your age!Wow! You have straight hair. So, not all people from your region/community have wiry hair, right?Well, we expected the most qualified person to get the job, but…You speak with a Western accent. I am sure you spent a bigger part of those growing-up years in...
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Quiet Quitting
“All the world’s a stage” – As You Like It by William Shakespeare Dotted with many characters and players, and trend-setters, social platforms are pulsating with theatrics. What begins as a small buzz soon assumes dramatic proportions with a strong cascading effect. Alliterations, hashtags, and a swelling rank of followers – so goes the flow....
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