How to choose the right contract staffing solutions partner?

Contract staffing is a critical process for companies to ensure they adapt to the demands of a changing market with the right talent. Find out what the must-have attributes you should look for in your contract staffing partner to get the most business and employee value.

Choosing the right vendor for temporary and contract staffing is really an important decision for employers. Contract staffing provides flexibility in terms of operations and cost that most employers value immensely. In the post-COVID landscape, the demand and urgency for contract staffing solutions is increasingly rapidly as companies try to ensure business continuity and revenue growth. Most staffing vendors are running short on both the quality and quantity of employees who can make a difference, requiring employers to seek out new vendors and new ways to procure the employees they need.

Before hiring a service provide, you must consider a few things which we will discuss in this blog.

The significance of the right contract staffing partner

A key factor in selecting the right staffing partner is their ability and willingness to adjust their service model to meet your specific needs. Do they have the expertise that will help your company take your staffing operation to the next level? Do they have the same values around communication and results that you do?

Very rarely will a staffing company’s off-the-shelf contract staffing service model meet your specific needs for service. Hence, it is pertinent to ask the right questions before you take a decision.

How good are they at listening to your needs and bringing fresh new ideas? Most employers prefer one point of contact which is pretty much a norm in today’s staffing environment. You need to know what factors are considered when your vendor establishes their service fees. More transparent your staffing partner is willing to be in terms of how they price their services, the more likely you are to have a staffing partner who can pass the test of time.

  • Reputation and credibility

Perhaps the most telling information regarding the quality of a staffing agency is its track record. What do other companies have to say about the agency? What are the experiences of the contracted professionals? You want to be sure the staffing agency you choose offers a pleasurable experience for all involved parties.

Additionally, you want the staffing service provider you choose to focus heavily on improving the quality of their service at all times. Since you’ll likely be setting a foundation for a long-standing professional relationship, you’ll need to be confident the agency will be able to cater to your growing needs as time goes on.

  • Alignment with strategic objectives

You want to be sure that your company, your staffing agency and the talent that comes from the agency are all on the same page.

An experienced and credible staffing agency will keep your needs in mind when connecting talent with your company. They’ll understand exactly what you’re looking for in a specific hire, as well as the importance of finding such talent within a certain amount of time.

A high-quality staffing agency will also take the prospective talent’s needs into consideration when connecting them with you, as well. An expert service provider will know that filling a position requires more than just placing a qualified individual into a spot – it means aligning the needs of each party to ensure a best-fit scenario.

  • Transparency in operations and communication

A quality staffing agency doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Instead, it makes its processes visible and comprehensible to its talent, as well as the companies it works with.

When contracting with a staffing agency, you want to know exactly what you’re getting, and what you’re getting your company into. You’ll want the agency to be up front about the services they’ll provide, the terms of the contract and what’s expected on your end.

By seeking transparency in your relationship with a staffing agency, you again ensure all parties involved in the process remain on the same page.

  • Accessibility and support

While working with a contract staffing agency, you’ll want to be able to contact them on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

In a world where communication can occur with the click of a button, there’s no excuse for a staffing agency to not have some means of offering 24/7 support to its clients. Find a staffing agency that offers multiple options, such as a phone line, email support and 1-on-1 chat for immediate issues. As long as these channels of support are open, you can be confident your contracted agency will be there for you.

  • Professional recruiting services

Our recruiting services give you a competitive advantage by allowing us to screen and hire the most qualified employees, whether is direct hire or contract professionals. We help you to find highly skilled candidates, review their qualifications, abilities and characteristics, and assess personalities for correct job placement.

Whether you need to hire a IT support and maintenance expert, a Head of Marketing, a Director of Sales, or a Manufacturing Engineer, your contract staffing service provider should be able to connect you with talent across the spectrums of skill and experience.

Leveraging contract staffing for accelerated growth and scalable operations

This is a time of significant change for most staffing companies. Most are dealing with new recruiting challenges and a very changed candidate marketplace.  Ask vendors not only to walk you through each step in their recruiting and evaluation process but how that process has changed for them in the last year and a half. Service providers who are stuck in old ways of doing things, are likely not going to be able to deliver the people you need.

VBeyond Corporation collaborate with a skilled and expert professional to offer the right solution to the hiring companies.

If you are looking for support with contract staffing strategies and solutions, feel free to reach out and talk to our experts.

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