The most popular tech careers in the post-COVID landscape for 2021

Tech related careers have seen a tremendous shift in the post-COVID landscape. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought-after tech career options of the future beyond the pandemic. 

Technology-driven industries have witnessed a whiplash of unprecedented transformation during the pandemic. The need to cope with unplanned challenges and ensure business continuity has led to a significant shift in the demand for technically skilled talent to support new digital business models with innovation, collaboration, efficiency, and safety.  

We’ve seen particular niches within tech jobs that have emerged as highly sought-after career options in the post-pandemic era. Industries are seeking skilled IT professionals who can make their business future-proof and competitive in a digital-dominated landscape.  

With that being said, here are the most popular and sought-after tech career options in the post-COVID landscape. For global industries, this blog will help you find the right talent you seek that fit your unique business needs and keep up with the changing times with technology adoption and innovation.  


Given the accelerated shift to digital business models, online security has become more crucial than ever before for enterprises. Although cybersecurity has witnessed a steady growth in demand over the past few years, its importance and urgency has increased exponentially in the post-pandemic world.  

A cybersecurity professional ensures data, system, network, and cloud computing operations stay safe from internal and external threats. A competent cybersecurity professional also keeps oneself updated on the latest digital security trends and industry compliance regulations to create a safe collaborative digital ecosystem for enterprises.  

Having the right in-house cybersecurity personnel helps organizations keep their confidential data, communications, and system hardware stays secured at all times.  Many young professionals and tech enthusiasts are opting for digital security as a career option in recent years due to its growing demand and steadily rising pay scales.  

The US has less than half of the cybersecurity candidates it needs to keep up with ever-intensifying demand, which makes cybersecurity the most lucrative job in developed countries. However, selecting the right personnel for your organization requires a keen eye for the right skill sets needed to accomplish tasks and handling uncertainties that come with the profession.   

An ideal cybersecurity expert should be able to better communicate and implement security protocols with minimum lags. He/she should be particular about audits and reports, but should also be flexible enough to handle unexpected threats efficiently. And most importantly, they should have an in-depth knowledge of compliance laws and regulations of the industry.  

DevOps Professional 

Designing and deploying code regularly for company software is a resource-intensive and time-consuming process. The job of DevOps engineers is to minimize the time required for code deployment through faster coding, scripting, and process mapping. By simplifying code updates, these professionals help companies to successfully upgrade and enhance IT processes to ensure maximum productivity.  

The faster companies update their software and IT systems, the better their chances of rapid growth and competitiveness. An ideal candidate should have extensive coding and scripting experience, should be well-versed in automation and data management skills, with best knowledge of DevOps practices for rapid code deployment. 

Cloud Services

Any modern business in 2021 is incomplete without a robust cloud computing platform. Not only does it create a collaborative work environment for remotely working employees, but it also works as a centralized data hub for employees to access important business documents anytime, anywhere for maximum productivity.  

That’s why the importance and demand for cloud architects and managers has grown tremendously in the post-COVID tech jobs space. According to Gartner, worldwide public cloud end-user spending is expected to grow by 18% in 2021, which means companies will need more cloud experts to manage their infrastructures.  

A cloud engineer creates a robust and customizable cloud computing strategy to deploy, support, and regulate cloud applications all across the organization. This profession requires in-depth knowledge of numerous cloud operating systems along with networking, security, and programming proficiency.

They should also possess incredible know-how on the latest enterprise cloud platforms like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and others. With this, they should also have hands-on experience in I&O, ITSM, automation, and vendor management to provide all-around support to the company’s cloud systems.

An ideal cloud architect for your business must have top-notch cloud technologies and architectural principles, an ability to efficiently scale cloud applications, and create the most cost-effective and performance-driven cloud system.  

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning and AI-driven technologies and solutions have witnessed a massive surge in demand in the last few years. Businesses of the future are now looking for agile, scalable, and error-free machine learning systems designed specifically to perform complex and repeated business tasks. 

The job of a machine learning engineer is to research, build, and maintain automated artificial intelligence (AI) systems to undertake recurring business operations quickly and accurately. A machine learning (ML) engineer works closely with data science and administration teams to understand business needs and the latest trends in business process automation to create a self-sustained, evolving AI platform that can adapt to the dynamic work environment for years to come. 

Finding the right ML engineer with both in-depth knowledge of and practitioner experience with the latest AI and ML trends can bring a huge difference to your organization. Your ideal candidate should have first-hand experience in designing, operating, and maintaining comprehensive BPA and RPA systems with a degree in data science from a reputed institution.

Front-End Developer

The digital age of business demands businesses to offer customers impactful and seamless user experiences. Whether your prospective client is engaging you on a website or an application, they should be able to navigate your digital platform without interruption and latency. 

With a huge demand for responsive and engaging web designs, the role of front-end developer has grown to be a lucrative profession among many tech enthusiasts. The role of a front-end developer is to design and implement visual elements that are visible from the computer user’s vantage point within a web application. This profession is a seamless blend of the principle of designing and programming peppered with the ability to build impeccable UI/UX. 

An ideal front-end developer should have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of three years’ experience in this profession. A creative mind, understanding of the latest web design trends, ability to work on tight deadlines both individually and collectively are essential qualities of a competent front-end developer. 

Data Analytics Professional

Data is the biggest currency in business. Especially in the post-pandemic world, collecting, storing, processing, and securely distributing data has become the most crucial function for enterprises worldwide. 

The job of a data analytics professional is filled with challenges and opportunities to grow rapidly. Their job entails collecting and processing complex data generated from various sources and deriving meaningful business insights that give the company a competitive edge in the market. In most organizations, one professional undertakes both data analytics and business analytics technology development.  

Data analytics professionals are well-versed in processing complex databases, statistics, and technologies like SQL, DATA mining, OLAP, Reports, etc. Additionally, data analytics experts should be educated in ethical AI and machine learning development to build solutions without any bias. 


Companies are slowly, but steadily, adapting to the new norms of doing business. However, they still need technological support to thrive in the market through innovation. That’s why the role of IT professionals has also changed with new responsibilities and challenges. Companies need to hire new talent possessing the above-mentioned tech skills to stay relevant and grow in a changing global business and technology landscape.

VBeyond Corporation helps you find the best-suited candidates with the right skill sets, experience, and aptitude. Feel free to reach out to us for your organization’s digital talent needs. 

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