People and Relationships are the pillars to success in the recruitment space. At VBeyond, we undertake this as a social responsibility enabled by an ethical obligation of contributing to the society at large. We focus on reaching out to the local communities to lend a helping hand and bring an improvement in their lives. We are strongly committed to integrating corporate social responsibility into our business processes.


The values defined by our team are based on the assurance of being accountable and leaving a positive impact. The scope of CSR for VBeyond extends to our associates, employees, vendors, clients, community, and environment in which we thrive. We believe in managing our business in an ethical manner by providing equal benefits to all the stakeholders.


Over the years we have been diligently involved in CSR activities. Some of the events :

  • Christmas eve; VBeyond sponsored an event in which around 100 kids participated hailing from challenged background. We distributed pizzas from Dominos, hosted games, fun activities, prizes and a day of happiness. The glimmer in their eyes and innocuous laughter told us tales we seldom get to hear.
  • Keralaflood relief: Every single employee of VBeyond donated his/her one day salary to the Kerala flood relief. And we, as an organization doubled that amount and donated on behalf of VBeyond Corporation.


Upcoming events :

  • Tree plantation
  • Tie up with Sarthak foundation (NGO) working for the removal of abject poverty in slums through education and skilling of children.

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