VBeyond Corporation – Our take on Covid19

Covid19 has impacted community, countries and the world economy. It has taught us a “New Way” of working, thinking and collaborating. There is uncertainty across industries. The impact of COVID-19 has hit businesses in multiple ways. The need of the hour is to take care of the health and safety concerns, working flexibility, adoption of new technology and new way of effective working.

Our Action on Covid19

We are following the Who guidelines and will be closely monitoring the health and safety regulations.

  • We have implemented  100% work from home for our team – adoption of new technology and virtual working
  • Our team is available to meet all client requirements in the “New Ways of Working” including data security
  • No Travel for all across the organization
  • Respecting customer mandates and offer flexibility in working modality
  • Following the quarantine protocols

The covid19 pandemic seems to make us feel that the world is at a standstill – Yet things are changing at such incredible speed. The pace of change is driving a shift in “People” behavior. The new ways of working, the new ways of hiring will generate an increase in demand for skilled talent in future.

Change in the Hiring Process is evident – VBeyond is there to help you

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