The Technology market is hugely competitive. There is a demand supply imbalance. With AI, machine learning, cloud and emerging newer technologies the market for narrower skill set is growing. The available talent also looks at culture fit, competitive salary and flexibility as they evaluate options. Retaining talent is becoming a massive challenge for employers and an understanding of culture fit is a critical part of the process as we look at deploying talent.


VBeyond consultants have developed in-depth knowledge and hiring expertise in Information Technology. Our global network of 300 market facing consultants and recruiters help us bring in exceptional talent for these roles. We understand the market and offer customized solutions. Our research team works to enhance our database. Rigorous and ongoing training of the team by industry professionals help us in improving the quality of sourcing and processes.


VBeyond has expertise in matching talent across Industries, Levels (Senior, Mid, Junior/Entry) and Types of hire (Fulltime, Part time, Contract, Remote, etc). We help find talent in all areas of Information Technology with niche capability in Cloud which is seeing an unprecedented demand because of the new ways of working.

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