How Staffing Agencies today are Thriving In A Candidate Driven Market

The candidate is king in today’s market when all companies are chasing a certain kind of talent. It may sound like a cliché but it really is an age of “disruption”. Automation, in the form of industrial robot in the core sector, and in the form of algorithms in the service sector and chatbots in the case of customer care industry are upending all existing notions of business models, creating new players and adding new competitors to incumbent leaders.
The government’s focus on Digital India and Startup India has resulted in firms like PayTM, Mobikwik, Airtel competing with the ICICI and HDFCs in the banking industry.

The arrival of the on-demand economy in the form of Ola Cabs, Uber, Airbnb, OYO Rooms has taken traditional industries like the taxi, auto industry and the hospitality industry by surprise.
All these are also impacting the expectations the consumers (who are also candidates) have when they are exploring opportunities and interacting with us and our clients. Today’s talent expects the same kind of user experience when interacting with a staffing firm and the employer that they expect when asking for a cab or a restaurant booking on a mobile app.

The way we at VBeyond Corporation have changed to keep the candidate front and center is leveraging these levers:

1. Design Thinking: We develop our employees to keep the user in the center of all that they do. We realized that the actual candidate journey does not start with the start of the application process, but when the candidate actually starts exploring. Because today’s key talent is social and digital we invest time and effort to engage with candidates on various social platforms. Our LinkedIn page has almost 9000 followers and we most almost every working day to keep ourselves in the radar of our followers.

2. People Development: We consistently develop our employees to not think of themselves as “recruiters” but as “talent advisors” where they empathize and listen to the candidate to actually understand where the candidate is in his or her career journey and what kind of challenges they are looking for. We invest time and investment to keep our employees developing new capabilities to effectively coach candidates. We use “candidate personas” to build our employees skills to personalize and empathize with candidates.

3. Client Services: There are many clients who understand the need for candidate engagement and building their own employer brand, however lack the internal resources and skills to make the shift. For them we started a service line “Talent Advisory Services” which enables their employer branding and candidate engagement process – from content marketing to managing their social media properties focused on careers and candidates.

4. In house technology investments: Over the last few years we have developed an in-house ATS called ViRAT customized for our needs and enables our teams to collaborate faster and better. We have also built an in house Learning and Knowledge Portal called VBeyond Scholar which curates learning content from across the web in the form of articles and videos that employees tap into to know more about domains, industries they service as well as to develop their skills related to sourcing and recruiting. As a platform partner LinkedIn also helps to keep our team skilled on the products continuous evolution.
We have realized that candidate experience and engagement is critical to help us serve our clients better with high quality talent. It is an evolving journey and we keep tracking best practices from other industries that are in the service businesses to benchmark and learn from them.

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