IT recruitment has become more competitive than ever before as candidates need to update themselves with the latest technologies and skillsets.

Industries across the globe are racing towards digital transformation with a view to modernize their business operations and monetize their technology investments. This requires a steady supply of digital and IT talent in the markets to provide the experts to lead these transformation initiatives. But given the rise in demand for tech talent, IT sectors face a growing shortage of digital talent.

The ongoing pandemic has increased the need for adaptability and resilience to sudden market changes. Being armed with the right talent and the technology solutions to drive more sustainable business models and build always-on services is one of the best strategies to weather future challenges.

This blog presents a list of some of the most essential digital skills that businesses must hire for, to modernize themselves and be future-ready.

1. Cloud Security

Cloud Security refers to the skills, practices, and technology solutions that help secure cloud computing systems. Cloud security experts maintain data privacy and ensure availability of services on the cloud that are essential to an organization’s daily operations. The safety and security of these systems involve the constant efforts of cloud providers and client companies. Cloud security includes data security, data retention, identity and access management (IAM), legal compliance, and other areas.

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables rapid innovation and pliable resources that allow organizations to scale up their technology infrastructure while keeping costs and deployment times low. There are four main types of cloud computing services – public clouds, private clouds, multi-cloud, and hybrid clouds.

Cloud computing services like storage, server, network, software, database, intelligence, and analytic services delivered and consumed via the cloud require experts with highly focused skills to run and maintain them.

3. Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a framework that helps stream and manage trillions of events a day. Digital marketing developers consider Kafka a messaging queue, but it is also a version of the distributed commit log. Kafka helps to create real-time data pipelines and different adaptive data streams. The functions of Apache Kafka involve messaging, storage, and stream processing.

4. Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing is a specific section in Computer Science focusing on different distributed systems. The elements of this computing system are found in various networked computers that interact and coordinate the messages sent from one system to another. Distributed computing systems are used by organizations operating across different geographical locations to centralize their systems and ensure performance and efficiency of IT systems.

5. Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Analytics is a part of data analytics technologies that involves predictive modelling, deep learning, process automation, machine learning (ML). The features of advanced analytics include optimization, correlation, and a predictive approach towards future action, such as analyzing customer data and behavior to design new products/services for them and enabling better user experiences.

6. AI and Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the backbones of enterprise software and digital consumer-facing services. This means more and more companies are going to drive the demand for professionals skilled in technologies like AI, ML, deep learning, data analytics, and other related areas.

Apart from these technical skills, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, emotional intelligence, and creativity will be major the determinants of success in the post-pandemic environment.

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